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Since 1902

Yuba DredgeYuba Industries origin goes back to 1902 when W.P Hammon was to bring Yuba Manufacturing and Dredge No. 1 to the Yuba Consolidated Gold Fields near Marysville California. Yuba designed, constructed  and rebuilt 175 dredges some still in service around the world. In 2005 the men of Yuba rebuilt Yuba Dredge 17, original built in 1916, The Dredge has been outfitted with the latest in operational and recovery equipment.

With this major endeavor completed Yuba has turned its efforts to manufacturing their time proven mineral processing equipment for the mining community. Yuba's processing equipment is currently being used, by Dredge 17, as part of the processing of 7,000 cubic yards of placer material daily. On board processing using Yuba's proven technology concentrates the 7, 000 cubic yards to 13 tons of black sand concentrates. Yuba has refined their onshore producing a product that can be directly shipped to a refinery or smelted with a minimum of flux.

The Yuba line of products including the famous Yuba Jig, trommel, wheel, portable processing plants and portable labs are in use and available to view at the Cal Sierra facilities operating Dredge 17 on the historic Yuba Goldfields.  

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